Regulation Crowdfunding

Goal: $25,000

SAFE (Agreement for Future Equity)

Value Cap: $5M / Discount: 20%

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Start date: December 10, 2020
End date: January 31, 2021
Why fund our local story

The Opportunity


Our economy is sitting on a gold-mine of exceptional, motivated talent. Women regularly leave the workforce to have and care for their children. People are waking up to this massive opportunity.

“Getting more women into the workforce can increase the US economy by $842B”

– S&P Global

The Problem


The hiring system for working Moms is broken. 

Professional roles have historically required a steady work history to be considered for employment. This creates an inequitable and uncertain career path for women who chose to start a family.

This talent pool is further locked out by today’s archaic hiring platforms due to:

👎 One-dimensional onboarding

👎 No accounting for soft-skills

👎 Simple matching algorithms

The result is that Moms are often forced to choose between focusing on their families and furthering their careers. 

This either/or setup is robbing our workplaces of female voices that bring diversity and productivity.

Why aren’t more businesses leveraging this hidden workforce?

Hiring is expensive and risky. With no streamlined way to access this talent pool, companies are forced to stay in the box of what they know. Simply put, the right tool hasn’t existed. Until now.

The Solution


We’re bringing an enormous pool of overlooked talent back into the workforce. Boulo connects smart, driven women to companies offering jobs with flexible schedules; helping both reach their highest potential. Boulo makes it easy for employers to fill open roles with highly qualified, diverse candidates.

Boulo removes the risk of a poor hire through Quality, Speed, and Flexibility.

The Product


How Does It Work?

Boulo creates matches based on each member's unique skills and stage in their career.



Current Customers

“Working with Boulo was just as I had hoped. High caliber talent and without the overhead cost. I plan to use Boulo again in the future.”

- Mike Goodrich, First Avenue Ventures

“As a startup looking for top-notch talent, you have more options than you think. I have personally used Boulo, and it’s a great solution for upping your execution quickly.

- Derek Pedersen, Therapy Brands

"Boulo saved us time by vetting candidates for us. They sent talent who were highly qualified and had the specific skillset we needed. Boulo really delivered, and we will absolutely use them again.”

- Tanya Beck, O’Neal Steel

"As a professional for 30 years, I know good talent when I see it, and I know how critical it is to get the right person. We got it all thanks to Boulo.”

- Sarah Relfe, Duell Law

Member Success

  • 950 Qualified Women (remember that massive talent pool?)
  • Almost 90% Hire rate after an interview

Revenue Growth

Business Model


1. Placement fee for Businesses
2. Free matching for Members

Current Revenue Model

Current Services Breakdown

👉 Commitment Options (% of Revenue)

Why Boulo & Why Now?


Complete Solution + A Global Shift to Flexibility

Boulo's solution and team executes with a heart for women but pragmatic focus on a buiness's needs. 

So how do we stack up? 

Since March, companies across the country have reinvented how they do work and interact with their employees. Our companies are FAR more prepared for and open to a mobile, flexible workforce than ever before. 

Boulo is leveraging technology to seamlessly deploy a massive pool of workers against these newly accessible jobs. 

Meet the team behind Boulo

Investment Summary

  • This offering is for SAFE Shares
    (Simple Agreement for Future Equity)
  • Valuation cap: $5,000,000
  • Discount: 20% 
  • Minimum investment: $100
  • Goal: $25,000 - $250,000
  • Campaign Deadline: January 31st, 2021

SAFEA SAFE stands for Simple Agreement for Future Equity. It allows investors to invest in early-stage companies and receive stock down the road when certain events happen such as a series A round, an acquisition, or an IPO.
Valuation Cap
The maximum valuation at which your investment will convert. This means you'll receive shares at this price, regardless of how high the company is valued in the future. ie: higher valuations mean more shares for the same amount of money.
For example: if Boulo raises a later round at a $10M valuation, you would get shares at a $5M price.
This is the discount on the share price that SAFE investors receive upon conversion.
For example: With a 20% discount, if the share price in a trigger event is $1.00, SAFE investors would receive shares at $.80 each.
Example Scenarios
Investment: $1000
Scenario A: Boulo raises capital in the future at a $6.5M valuation
Result: Your investment would be worth $1,300 with the new valuation
Scenario B: Boulo gets acquired in the future for $10M
Result: Your investment would be worth $2000 (either as stock in the new company or cash out)
Scenario C: Boulo doesn't make any money and shuts down
Result: Your investment would be valued at $0

1. The SAFE converts by either the Valuation Cap or the Discount depending on which one yields the best return for the investors. 2. An easy way to think about a SAFE investment is that you're buying $X worth of future stock. In the discount example above, a $1000 investment would get you 1250 shares ($1000 / $.80 per share) 3. At a trigger/conversion event, the issuer may continue the terms of the SAFE, issue "shadow shares" of preferred stock or allow you to cash out at the applicable conversion stock price. 4. For more details please read the subscription agreement in the docs below or post your questions in the Q&A section above. It is important to refer to the subscription agreement and SAFE shares agreement to understand the conversion and termination terms, as well as potential rights of the securities into which the SAFE may convert.

Use of funds

  • If we raise under $100K, we'll use the funds to further develop our AI matching product. 

  • If we raise over $100K, we'll allocate around 40% of the funds to developing the product with the remainder going towards hiring sales personnel.

Due Diligence


Form Check Completed! Click here to review. 

What is it? 

A review of disclosures, financials, and all filing information to ensure compliance and consistency with Rule 201 of Regulation CF.

Common Questions


Boulo (Bu.lo) is a riff on the French word ‘Boulot’, which is slang for ‘work’. Example: Je viens d’obtenir un boulot avec Boulo! (I just found work with Boulo!)


Our platform handles all payment for temporary and contract work, as well as completing the annual 1099 form for our working members. The hiring company handles payroll for permanently placed members.


 There is a one-year agreement between our customers and Boulo to not contact our members outside of the platform. You can continue working with your favorite expert by posting new opportunities on our platform or choose to permanently hire them by paying Boulo a nominal fee.


This is completely up to the company. We provide quality talent, the companies decide if these fit their needs.


Members with undergraduate and graduate degrees come to Boulo with a variety of skill sets and experiences. Examples are attorneys, accountants, marketing professionals, financial analysts, project managers, event planners, etc. 
Financial Highlights

*This projection information is provided by DCG Group LLC. Vicinity never predicts or projects performance, and has not reviewed or audited this financial forecast.*

Revenue Forecast

2020 Financial Summary

See historic financials here


            1. We are subject to all of the risks inherent in the establishment of a new business enterprise. 
            2. We may not be able to achieve our business plan due to unforeseen, random, or adverse circumstances.
            3. We are attempting to expand into new markets and we may fail due to the highly competitive market we operate in.
            4. We're using the capital we raise at our own discretion and there are no investor voting rights.
            5. General economic conditions could have an adverse effect on our business and results of operations.

            This is a summary of some of the risks associated with this investment. A more comprehensive list of potential risk factors can be downloaded in the Docs section above.


            • DCG Group LLC has filed a Form C which can be found here.
            • Vicinity will be compensated upon a successful raise at 4% of the total amount raised and 4% of the SAFE shares awarded in the offering.
            • There is no cost for investors to invest, though Vicinity will receive a 1% transaction fee on all payments from DCG Group LLC to investors that will be withheld from the payment to investors.
            Investor Update

            If you missed the Q&A, here is a link to the recording. Feel free to drop any additional questions in the Q&A section! Passcode: e6$wl9rK

            Delphine Carter on January 28 Issuer
            Investor Update

            We're going live again at 12:30pm cst today! Join us for another Q&A session here: One tap mobile +13126266799,,87497026844# US (Chicago) +19294362866,,87497026844# US (New York)

            Delphine Carter on January 28 Issuer
            Investor Update

            We're going live Tuesday, Jan 12th at 12pm Central! Tune in for a live Q&A session with Boulo Founder & CEO, Delphine Carter (me) and the Vicinity crew! Topic: Boulo Q&A Webinar Time: Jan 12, 2021 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 840 3459 2794 One tap mobile +19294362866,,84034592794#

            Delphine Carter on January 11 Issuer
            Investor Update

            Boulo hiring a sales team in the Magic City and beyond! Know an awesome sales whiz? Send them our way:

            Delphine Carter on January 6 Issuer
            glenn hinkle
            01-26-2021 5:11 AM
            How did the company come up with the $5 million valuation?
            Delphine Carter
            01-28-2021 10:05 AM
            Thanks for the question. The $5 million is a “valuation cap”, which is different than a current valuation. A valuation cap is the maximum valuation at which your investment will convert to shares in the future. This means you'll receive shares at this valuation, regardless of how high the company is valued in the future. The “discount” of 20% would apply to your shares upon conversion if the valuation is less than $5 million. Whichever gives investors the better share price would apply. There are some example scenarios on our deal page under “Investment Summary” that are helpful in explaining this as well.