The Black Dollar Corp.
Regulation Crowdfunding

Raising up to $650,000

Investment type: Hybrid

Rev Share + Equity

Min Investment: $100 

Rev Share: 1.5x, 7 year target payout


Equity: 5% stake for $650k

Coming Soon!
Start date: October 29, 2021
End date: May 6, 2022

Welcome! We are collecting indications of interest for our planned capital raise through Regulation Crowdfunding. Please reference important guidance regarding Rule 206 under the Disclosures section below.

Why fund our local story
  • First storefront is profitable with $315k in sales in the first 10 months.
  • The company generates revenue through flat fees paid by business owners.
  • Your investments would help us open 5 more Black Friday Market storefronts.
  • The #BlackDollarNC online directory has grown to 1,100 members since 2019, generating over $300k for business owners through events.
  • We will begin capitalizing on ad revenue potential of the online directory (this has been requested by our members).
  • We believe the storefronts + online directory are a powerful combination for connecting large networks of business owners and consumers.

The Vision


Tangible. Consistent. Investment.

African-American and Minority business owners need support – and there are many in the community that wish to support them. Using the words that guide us, we will continue to deploy Tangible initiatives and platforms in our business communities, while Investing the time and resources to ensure Consistent support.

The Opportunity


A vast array of consumers are looking to engage the thousands of small businesses hidden in their communities

The number of Black-Owned Businesses that exist in NC was last estimated at 180K. An overwhelming number are retail businesses that need physical space to sell their products. Consumers at-large want to support Minority-Owned Businesses and buy products made close to home. This desire isn't restricted to North Carolina either. Black Dollar Corp. has received significant interest from other cities/states and our work will be expanded to other areas as we grow.

The Problem


Many business owners struggle with roadblocks, visibility, and other stresses that hold them back from being successful

While thousands of local businesses exist, no one knows where to easily find Black-Owned Businesses. Newly-formed businesses in particular experience trouble accessing the capital needed for their retail space. The result is that consumers can’t quickly access local products from small business owners in their area, perpetuating the flow of local dollars into big box retailers.

These challenges don’t just exist in our area – they are everywhere.

Our Solution


Online Directory + Physical Space = a Perfect Pair

The Black Dollar Corp. is effectively comprised of two (2) operational units that will continue to push technology and retail agendas for the company: #BlackDollarNC and Black Friday Market

Business Unit 1 - Online Directory

Through #BlackDollarNC, we are providing a growing platform that has proven successful in connecting African-American business owners to a greater number of potential consumers. #BlackDollarNC has 4 unique elements.

1 - Online Directory & Presence

If you search for a Black-Owned Business in NC, we’re showing up first. Our directory houses over 1,100 Small businesses with everything you need to locate, connect, and shop with them.

2 - Interactive Map 

Our Map feature allows consumers to locate physical businesses in NC by location, category, or open search.

3 - Events & Special Programming

We curate highly-regarded, highly-attended events that benefit all. From casino nights to weekend flea markets, our events always draw a crowd of business owners and local customers.

4 - Resources & Information

We connect Business Owners to resources that help them grow. For the past 3 years, we've worked to collaborate with other organizations to provide business development and retail opportunities to small business owners. From free support to fee-for-service offerings, our goal is to link entrepreneurs to the help they need to expand their business. 

Business Unit 2 - Physical Retail Space

Through the retail store Black Friday Market, we have established a scalable method for small business owners to sell their products in storefronts across the state...

...well, really across all states.

Owner-First Features: 

☑️  Affordable retail department space

☑️  Owners pay no commission

☑️  Owners have no overhead

☑️  Fulfillment handled in-store 



Since Launching in 2019...

We have created a pathway that has proven successful at creating platforms for and engaging with African-American business owners. The online directory #BlackDollarNC has now surpassed 1,100 listed Black-Owned Businesses across the state of North Carolina, while the events curated or sponsored by the networking group continue to generate consistent revenue for business owners.

With the retail storefront launched in December 2020, Black Friday Market – in 8 months – has generated over $315K+ for more than 180 business owners, while bringing in over $150K+ in revenue for the company (data as of 8/25).

Hard Work & Recognition


Built in Community. Built off sacrifice. Built in Raleigh.

The Black Dollar Corp. is currently recognized as a City of Raleigh Partner (since Jan. 2020) and is an Alliance Member with the Office of Economic Development & Innovation, at the table and assisting the office in many ways. Many strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations located in Raleigh, NC have been formed based on our work with the city.

The company has been recognized by Triangle Business Journal as one of its Diversity Business of Year Award recipients (2020) as well as 40 Under 40 (2021) for the current CEO. 

A few good friends

Some of our partners in the community:

Revenue & Growth Model


A strategic plan that's good for business and good for the community

Black Friday Market is a department store that sells every type of product and is currently the company’s primary source of revenue. Business owners pay a flat-fee to have their products in the retail store on monthly / multi-month terms. Business owners keep 100% of the sales of their products (there are also options for commission-based sales).

The Directory #BlackDollarNC is free for both business owners  and consumers. The continued growth of the #BlackDollarNC brand and directory still influences the revenue stream of Black Friday Market (more below).

✔︎ $200 or $275 per month for business owners who wish to have their products in Black Friday Market.

✔︎ Options exist for multiple months and multiple locations, coming soon.

✔︎ Square footage is always a key factor in real estate/location selections for storefronts.

Grow the Directory

As business owners join #BlackDollarNC, they often become participants in market events, as well as owners who join the store. Our pool of business owners for Black Friday grows along with #BlackDollarNC’s growth.

Add New In-Store Businesses

We are always looking to attract new business owners to Black Friday Market. Store concept (department style setup) along with multiple locations allows for high thresholds to be set for new business conversions.

Grow In-Store Sales Revenue

Our initial flagship location in Downtown Raleigh has performed well and made it easy to attract new business owners – as well as keep the ones we have (below). Company-owned products can also be explored.


Store sales performances play a big role in the ability to retain business owners, as well as other factors such as growth in exposure for their business and their ability to utilize our storefront space for their own events.

Getting the word out

Two teams - one fam



Unique positioning, Collaborative mindset  

We’ll start by saying that our mindset is rooted in the belief that “there is enough for all of us”. Even if missions are aligned with other groups, we see no “competition”. We only see collaborations. That being said, we know the nature of this raise and what you (as an investor) would like to see from this section of the page.

You’ll be happy to know that we are truly unique. Online directories and consignment shops do exist, but there are no other companies with both, nor any stores with our particular revenue model for our


What's Next


We want to build on the pathways we’ve created in Raleigh. Now that we have a blueprint, we want to grow and create more pathways for Black-Owned Businesses in other cities across North Carolina and the nation. Location #2 through #4 for Black Friday Market are being finalized.

#BlackDollarNC will target the Charlotte, NC area for events and

engagement with the goal of growing the Directory from the western

parts of North Carolina.

Investment Summary

Anticipated Terms


Plans are to offer a hybrid revenue share* and equity offering for investors.

►The Company would share a percentage of their revenues until investors receive 1.5x their original investment (targeting 7 years).

►Additionally, the Company would offer a 5% equity stake for $650,000 raised. Investors would receive a pro rata percentage based on the amount they invest.

Example: an investment of $2,000 would expect to return $3,000 in revenue share payments ($2,000 x 1.5) and a 0.015% of the company [$2,000/($650,000/5%)]

*A “rev share” is a debt structure that works like a royalty payment. The business agrees to pay a set percentage of their revenue until the investor is paid back a “multiple” of their investment. For example, a business may agree to pay 2.5% of their revenues each quarter until investors make 1.5x (the multiple) their original investment. As an investor, you would expect to turn a $2,000 investment into $3,000. The amount of time it takes to pay is dependent on the business’ revenue or on a maturity date set. 

Use of Funds


► $50,000: Open location in Wilson
► $200,000: Wilson + 2 stores in Durham

► $350,000: Wilson + Durham(x2) + Open in Asheville

► >$350k: 4 stores above + tech expansion + secret store (crowd vote!)


          Our People
          Johnny Hackett Jr.,
          Founder / CEO
          From Greenville, South Carolina - migrating to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1998. Broughton High School graduate and attended North Carol..
          Jasmine Bullock,
          President, Black Fri. Market
          Jasmine is a North Carolina native that has just been non-stop active in the community, going as far back as high school and her days partic..
          Timothy Eaton,
          President, #BlackDollarNC
          Eaton graduated from Johnson C. Smith University (HBCU PRIDE!) with a Degree in Computer Science Information System (BS). He enjoys spending..
          Kayla Walker,
          Chief Operating Officer
          Durham, North Carolina native and Saint Augustine's University Alum. Favorite quote: "Love is defined as the will to extend one's self ..
          Aaron McTell,
          Chief Technology Officer
          He tried to write a bio but "Cornbread" is really a humble guy - so we'll allow this non-bio, for now. As punishment though, the photo ..
          Janeyce Flagler,
          Chief Marketing Officer
          "Jae" is the true creative of the bunch. An awesome graphic designer, painter, decorator - but she also does hair, models, and she sings lea..
          Dominique Crosby,
          Chief Creative Officer
          Working as a graphic designer has allowed "Doma" to process visual communication through Art. As the Black community has grown with more ent..
          Richard Campbell,
          Chief Comms Officer
          Late comer to the squad but ready to put in work.Campbell's a lifetime North Carolina resident that brings a balance to the young folks on t..
          Business Consultant
          Incolo is on a mission to create a level playing field by helping founders build businesses which have a scaling impact on those around them..
          Common Questions


          Share, share, share! By sharing this information on our Company and this current capital raise, you open others up to an opportunity that they may not have known about - and, an opportunity that until the start of 2021 was not available to individuals who made less than a certain dollar amount annually (typical marginalized stuff). New regulations and laws are in effect regarding Crowdfunding, and the normal citizen can now participate in ways they could not have before. Even if someone doesn’t invest in our business, they need to know this information - so please share this to the masses!


          When we first launched, we received a great deal of business owners from Virginia who were signing up their businesses for the online directory #BlackDollarNC. It was disheartening to have to turn them away. After tallying up the most sign-ups in the last two years from states outside of North Carolina, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, California, and New Jersey were at the top of the list. The original plan for launching the Black-Owned Business Directory did encompass all of the United States, however after proper consultation, the decision was made to stick with our physical location in North Carolina and build this Brand first. Once a trustworthy Brand could be established, as well as additional automation, the original plan of entering different state markets could commence. 


          Many have asked this and the answer remains the same - we want Black Friday Markets to be in every major city in the United States. When you visit Black Friday Market in Raleigh - our flagship location - you’re going to see products from primarily Raleigh small business owners; the same will be true for Durham, Wilson, Charlotte (next stores), and eventually every city we become engaged in. So, when you’re traveling the country and wish to find the place to buy and support local products from that particular community, find the nearest Black Friday Market department store!


          Investing carries general risks, such as losing all the money you invest. Some key risks will be listed below. Additional general and project-specific risks may be detailed here if the Regulation Crowdfunding securities offering goes live.

          You can learn more about the risks of investing through Vicinity here


          This is not currently a live securities offering.

                • No money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response, will not be accepted.
                • No offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is filed and only through an intermediary's platform.
                • A person's indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.