Grain Dealers
Regulation Crowdfunding

Goal: $200,000 up to $1,070,000

Investment type: Equity stake

Min Investment: 75 shares = $480

150 shares = $960

450 shares = $2,880

780 shares = $4,992

1560 shares = $9,984


Start date: April 1, 2022
End date: September 30, 2022
Why fund our local story

  • Opportunity for the community to own real estate and the brewery + restaurant
  • Support the revitalization and economic resurgence of downtown Dunn, NC
  • Bringing a historically pivotal building back to life
  • Only Brewery + Restaurant within 20 miles 
  • Providing beer, food & entertainment for a self-proclaimed community-centered city

The History


A downtown with a history of growth, ripe for redevelopment

In the early 1900s, Dunn blossomed into a bustling logging town, quadrupling its population over a 20 yr period thanks to thriving logging and turpentine distilling industries. At the center of this economic boom was Dunn Lumber Company, which launched in 1900. Dunn Lumber Co. not only provided jobs for the area and revenue for the city but quite literally built the town around it with the finished lumber it manufactured out of local timber. 

As people and businesses flocked to Dunn, more opportunity was created. While Dunn Lumber Company later closed, the plant continued in operation under Southern Lumber Company. Over the years, the building was continually part of local commerce, later used as a wagon storage site and in the 1950s was converted to a cotton gin. Today the building still stands as an icon of the prosperity it helped create for the town.

The Problem


No economic anchor for local businesses in the Dunn area

The lumber and turpentine industries faded, but the population of Dunn has steadily increased, widening the gap between demand for local businesses and the availability of them. Despite the proximity to a large transient population and the size of the location population, Dunn has been left without an anchor for its local business community.

Without this anchor, downtown is not only missing out on local and traveler spending but it’s held back from attracting additional businesses to the area, creating a self-perpetuating stagnation cycle:

All the right components are in place for economic flourishing, but a "First-Mover" establishment is needed first to catalyze growth for the area.

The Solution


A welcoming brewery, restaurant & entertainment venue. A gathering place for the local community and visitors.

We’re creating the city of Dunn’s first and only craft brewery restaurant. It will serve a previously untapped market and build a foundation for future economic development in our town. Along with our rotating taps with handcrafted brews, we’ll be dishing out a full culinary experience with a broad menu stocked full of favorite local dishes. To round out the experience, our brewery and bar will enclose a spacious courtyard full of yard games and open-air seating. The courtyard is just the beginning of the entertainment though, we’re building out a full concert stage and seating area to host live entertainment from all over. This additional space will not only entertain guests and attract travelers but will offer additional revenue streams via ticket sales and venue rental.

The Beers

We've set up a survey on our website for future customers to voice their opinions on preferred beer styles and flavors. We'll develop those with the head brewer once they're hired, a process we want community involvement in as well. We plan to use local history to name some of the beers (prominent citizens, historical figures, etc.)

The Property

As part of our development, we plan to acquire the property the building and event space sits on. This will give everyone who invests in this campaign the unique opportunity to own real estate in Dunn. Because property ownership hasn't always been accessible to everyone here, we want to use this project to open the door and allow the entire community to become owners in their hometown.   

The Market Opportunity


A beer-loving downtown “where community matters”

Our goal is to make good on Dunn’s slogan:

 “Where community matters.”

We’re giving our city and county neighbors a place to gather, eat, drink and build community.   

The direct market we’re serving includes the city populations of Dunn, Erwin, Coats, and Benson. Because of Dunn’s central location though, we’re uniquely positioned to tap into the greater areas of Harnett, Sampson, Johnston, and Cumberland counties. These populations within a 10-mile range make up roughly 52,000 people.

In addition to the local resident market, we’re a short quarter-mile walk from downtown and our location sits near two highly trafficked thoroughfares for the state: Highway 421 and the newly renovated Interstate 95. 

One of the most compelling aspects of the market is North Carolina’s proven appetite for craft beer. NC ranks 9th in the country for the number of breweries with 359. We also rank 8th in production, showing an intense and growing appetite for craft beer.

In fact, while some states shrank, North Carolina added 26 breweries in 2020 through all its challenges. Despite a statewide boom for craft beer though, Dunn residents are currently faced with a long drive to Fayetteville or Raleigh in search of a quality brewery/restaurant experience. We’re excited to include our community in the growing opportunity that craft beer has been for our state.

The Space


We've got 1.37 acres to play with, plus 3.75 open acres to the north

Our Brewery, Restaurant and Event space is located at the historic Dunn Lumber Company site. This spacious location gives us a blank canvas to craft our story while restoring this former source of economic vibrance for our community.


The 1,600 sq ft space will be split: 800 sq ft for the bar & staff, plus 800 sq ft for bar seating. At 15 sq ft per person, the bar will seat over 50 patrons.  

 Dining Area

At 15 sq ft per person, the 5,000 sq ft dining area will comfortably accommodate at least 330 people


At a recommended 5 sq ft per seat, the 330 diners require at least 1,650 sq ft. Our proposed 2,100 sq ft full kitchen provides more than enough room.

  Transition Areas

There will be several entry/exit areas that won’t figure into usable space. These areas will create easy access points to the parking and courtyard areas.

Business Model


Our strategic approach to creating a destination attraction

Our business model is to create a destination community gathering place that serves as a platform to sell great beer, food, and experiences to both local and visiting populations. Because of the size, location, and flexibility of our space, we’re able to draw from multiple revenue streams while keeping a relatively simple operation.

Buildout Phases

Phase 1

Renovate the building walls & roof while adding basic plumbing & electrical components. We'll also establish the parking lots and traffic flow. These components allow the space to be used as a rentable venue.

Phase 2

After Phase 1, We'll develop the fully functioning commercial kitchen space. This will include firewall, refrigeration, and equipment installation with tie-ins to water, electric, and gas components. 

Phase 3

Phase 3 builds on the first 2 phases with the completion of the brewery building and all of its brewing equipment. This phase will also establish the entertainment space including our Silos Stage and Concert Seating area.


During our construction and after opening we will maintain our focus on engaging the community and keeping our audience up to date with all the latest happenings.

Channels we're using: 


  • Digital Assets like Facebook & a website have already been set into motion. We will use these as well as business listing to enhance visibility.
  • Digital ads on Google & Facebook will expand our online audience with local targeting.
  • Physical ads via newspapers, billboards & postal flyers will grab the attention of travelers & locals alike.
  • Public Relations with videos and interviews as well as collaborations with other news/marketing sources will be used to gain visibility as quickly as possible.
  • Incentives will be given to customers who ‘like & share’ content in order to expand the visibility and popularity of our brewery.



A stable & achievable pathway to success

Bonus Features


A few extra wins that will help us succeed

  • We're pursuing available funding from the NC Dep. of Commerce Vacant Building Rehab Grant - which could include wall repair, roof work, HVAC installation, and electrical / plumbing work.
  • There are historically appropriate building materials on-site already including timber & brick that could be used in the renovation process for the repairs, patio brick wall, and bar.
  • I-95 has been recently renovated, increasing the traffic & potential customers to our location. 
Investment Summary



  • This offering is for an equity stake in the form of LLC Membership Units in Grain Dealers, LLC.
  • Offering up to 25% ownership in Grain Dealers, LLC.
  • There will be an 80/20 split on profits to capital vs. non-capital investors until capital has been repaid. Pro rata profit sharing after investment repayment.
  • The unit(share) price is $6.40
  • The minimum investment is $480
  • The goal raise is up to $1,069,996.80

Use of Funds Overview


Purchase – Purchase of the property which includes approximately 1.37 acres of land with a 9,000 square foot historic warehouse building.

HVAC – The size and nature of the building will require a large HVAC system that will need to be located adjacent to the building in such a way as to limit its impact on the proposed separate brewery building as well as the proposed courtyard and stage space. This aspect of the buildout is separate as the building can be use during part of the year will less substantial heating & cooling requirements.

Upfit – The initial work will revolve around repairing wall structures and the roof to ensure a secure, weather tight shell. From here there will need to be work to provide basic power, light, and bathroom facilities to the building. Next steps will be associated with the construction of a more robust parking area, a courtyard, and a outdoor performance stage. Additionally, the construction of a separate brewery building to house the brewing equipment will occur in a separate phase from the renovation of the historic building as the venue phase of the venture comes prior to the brewery phase. 

Our People
Wesley Johnson,
Founder, CEO
Versed in commercialization and focused on community development, I strive to tie together modern digital tools with a range of business mod..
Lee Honeycutt,
Founder, COO
Lee Honeycutt is a Dunn native with strong business and personal ties to the community including surrounding counties. His entrepreneurial v..
Business Consultant
Incolo is on a mission to create a level playing field by helping founders build businesses which have a scaling impact on those around them..
Common Questions

Will you be distributing your beer outside of the brewery?

As an economic development driver, we anticipate primarily serving our beer in our venue and other local venues with no anticipated effort to expand beyond the Dunn area.

Financial Highlights

Key Assumptions

  • Beer sales of 4 barrels per month steadily rising to 30 barrels in first year (1,000 up to 7,500 pints) at $1,000 per barrel revenue
  • Restaurant partner acquired with grand opening in May 2023.
  • Venue rental target of 80 rentals in 2024 and 100 rentals (roughly 8 per month) in 2025.

Sample Pro Forma

These projections are not a guarantee of actual financial performance. The Company anticipates that there will be differences between the projections and the Company's actual results, so investors should not place undue reliance on the projections. See disclosures filed with the Form C for more details.


Every investment carries risks, including the risk of losing some or all of your money. Vicinity does not predict or project performance, and the performance of any specific investment will vary.


Need to establish new and maintain existing customer relationships

The market for the Company's products and services is rapidly evolving. The Company is unable to predict
whether its products and services will continue to satisfy new and existing customer demands or if they will be supplanted by new products and services. The Company's efforts to market and sell its services could be significantly affected by competitive and technological developments. If this occurs and if the Company is unable to adapt quickly enough to the change, it may fail to develop additional customer relationships, and maintain those relationships, and its business, financial condition and results of operations could be materially adversely affected. 

Building Acquisition

The Company does not currently own the building and may not be able to execute the business plan or would have significant changes required if unable to acquire.

Execution Risk

This project requires significant redevelopment work to use the building for any purpose, including the intended purpose within our business plans. If the Company is unable to complete this work, we will not be able to operate as intended or at all.

Price Volatility Risk

As a construction/redevelopment project, the company must purchase building materials and pay for labor that is subject to significant price volatility in the current market conditions. Fluctuations in these prices may present significant risks to the overall cost, use of funds, and ultimate completion of this project to get the Company operational. 

See Form C Disclosures for additional risks


  • Grain Dealers Brewery, LLC has filed a Form C with the SEC which can be found here.
  • Vicinity will be compensated upon a successful raise at 7% of the total amount raised.
  • There is no cost for investors to invest, though Vicinity will receive a 1% transaction fee on all payments from Grain Dealers Brewery, LLC to investors that will be withheld from the payment to investors.

Paul Yokabitus
09-25-2022 7:29 AM
Are you doing any investor incentives, like lifetime discounts, exclusive merch, exclusive investor-only events, or anything like that for being a investor in this round?
Wesley Johnson
09-27-2022 6:16 AM
Since we did not establish such incentives prior to the start of the raise we are not able to say definitely that there will be but I can assure you that it is our intent to engage our investors in all processes of this business. I would like to see such offerings included but I can't say for certain what those would be at this time in the raise process.
Yokhana Alkass
08-07-2022 11:17 AM
If an investor needs to sell their shares down the road, what is the mechanism to do that?
Wesley Johnson
08-08-2022 7:24 AM
Shares are transferrable so there is a process of notification to let us know that you intend to sell / transfer your shares at any point in time. There is the option for us as the company to buy them back or for you to sale to another private party.
Brad Reeder
06-10-2022 8:08 AM
I would be interested in speaking with you about this opportunity. I have owned/operated multiple large venues (have more than 40 years experience in the National Entertainment field, including producing events nationwide and in Las Vegas & Atlantic City Casinos. I have owned operated large dining/entertainment venues in Raleigh, NC and currently in Belize, in Central America. I've lived in Raleigh & Wilmington and currently have home in Raleigh and Belize. Would like to share my history and experience and discuss becoming a sizable investor in your project, either individually or through capital investment group that I manage.
Wesley Johnson
06-13-2022 5:01 AM
Most certainly. I'll reach out via email to have further discussions. We are interested in getting as much industry specific insight as we can source.
Antoine Basquiat
05-17-2022 8:29 PM
1.Will proximity to railroad affect live performances? (Brewhouse and kitchen to muffle sound) 2. If the max funding is not obtained will empty use of fund items be subsidized with NC Dep. of Commerce Vacant Building Rehab Grant? If so, is there any update on the status/timeline? 3. Proposed land is owned by multiple parties. Has property acquisition negotiations already taken place? 4. 1 lot in proposed plan is also part of empty lot across the street. Will property acquisition also include empty lot across the street as well or will that be subdivided? 5. What happens if funding is reached but property is not obtained? 6. What are the additional upfits? 7. Have recent construction bids been obtained to support use of funds? Thank You
Wesley Johnson
06-13-2022 5:02 AM
1. It could, but it shouldn’t be a major impact because the trains run on a regular schedule and can be timed.Also, the stage and brewhouse layout will act as sound dampeners.. We are looking to provide a time clock for the arrival of the next train as both a performance timing aspect. For fun, the clock can serve the train aficionados that we expect to be regulars at the business. 2. The Rehab Grant will be used to subsidize improvements to the restaurant building. These funds are given as a reimbursement once the work is complete and the stated employment numbers have been met. The timeline is still in place for the progress of work from the date of acquisition. Including contingency time, we project to have the primary building restored for phase 1 use as a venue within a year and half. 3. The land being sought is owned by one party and negotiations have already taken place. 4. The land owned by the railroad is not part of the acquisition but we plan to pursue for lease for entertainment event purposes. 5. While we believe we will be able to acquire this property, we intend to address this risk in one of two ways: (1) pursue a suitable alternative with similar space, proximity, and historical attributes (several have been identified already) or (2) return funds if we do not believe the project can be effectively executed elsewhere. 6. Additional upfit refers to kitchen equipment, cold storage, brewing equipment, etc that is outside of the building envelope or basic venue components. 7. We’ve been keeping track of increased costs and have confirmed that debt funding in addition to the raised funds should cover those costs as the timeline progresses. (Apologies for the delayed response, the site had a glitch and didn’t notify me of your questions.)
John McLamb
05-17-2022 10:35 AM
Will you have a board of directors? If so who? Who will be the accounting firm? What is the expected cost of the project. Will there be any key metrics in place to gauge growth by? Any forecasted numbers of margins, etc? If so, what are they?
Wesley Johnson
06-13-2022 5:03 AM
There will be a board of directors. We have existing relationships with advisors with relevant expertise that have helped with project scoping done to date. Accounting is expected to be done by TRP Sumner. The cost of the project is broken into the 3 phases. We currently expect the total costs for all phases to be around $1.5 million. We’ve included forecast information on the page and there are additional details regarding projections within the Form C filing here. . Metrics on growth will be centered around number of venue rentals for phase 1, restaurant revenues for phase 2, and beer revenue for phase 3. Tickets sold for specific events will also be a metric. (Apologies for the delayed response, the site had a glitch and didn’t notify me of your questions.)
Jim Mitchell
05-17-2022 6:10 AM
1. Do you have commercial brewing and hospitality industry experience? 2. What size brewhouse will you be acquiring along with fermentation capacity, brite tanks, cold storage, and packaging capabilities? 3. Have you already been in contact with companies like BSG to obtain hop and other ingredient contracts? 4. Beer is a volume game what do you expect the facility's max capacity to be? 5. Looking at the layout I am not seeing any cold room space for a serving cooler/draw system/serving tanks etc or a larger cold room for additional kegs, packaged, or hops. Is this in the plans to build? 6. Your examples for the financials don't line up as presented. There are 248 pints in a single barrel (31 gallons) but the average batch depending on style is around 12-25% yield loss. Does that mean you are expecting to charge an average of $5 a draft before tax with an average loss of around 19.25%
Wesley Johnson
06-13-2022 4:06 PM
1. Our advisors include multiple individuals with experience in developing and running breweries as well as people with restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment experience. 2. We’ve been advised and intend to start with a 7 BBL system with scalable components. We will likely pursue used equipment with an oversized brewhouse to allow for growth, storage, and potential contract brewing. 3. Yes, we’ve spoken with suppliers regarding both brewery equipment and ingredients. 4. Specific volume, layout, and strategy will be set in part by the brewer when they are hired. A test hiring process was completed with great interest in the project given its open scope. We are looking to leverage our brewery advisors in the hiring process as well as in the discussions regarding the specific details to the brewing system setup. 5. The brewhouse will have a cold room with cold lines going into the restaurant building. We have a large amount of real estate to work with and plan to significantly oversize the building to utilize that space for future growth. 6. Numbers were calculated with the assistance of our brewery advisors as a relative ballpark. As you stated, yield loss is variable based on style and system setup. We are expecting to utilize industry average numbers for pricing and will be further refining our projections as the specific brewing system is selected by the brewer and advisor team. We are expecting to see standard yield loss numbers from our brewing process and we expect to be charging industry average prices of $5 to $7 per pint for on premise sales.
Janel Jackson
04-09-2022 8:42 PM
Hello. Will this place be big enough for wedding events? Also, if you do not reach your goal will the investor receive there money back?
Wesley Johnson
04-13-2022 7:31 PM
Yes, weddings are part of the event rental revenue expectations. And yes, if the goals are not met then the investors receive their money back.